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Throughout Rainbow Magic, it can clearly be seen that not all fairies have the same colored wings, with shades all across the spectrum. Below is a compiled list of known wing colors and the fairies that belong to them.

Red-winged fairies


Ruby, a fairy with red-tinted wings.

Orange-winged fairies


Amber, a fairy with orange-tinted wings.

Yellow-winged fairies

Saffron Sunny

Saffron, a fairy with yellow-tinted wings.

Green-winged fairies


Fern, a fairy with green-tinted wings.

Blue/Cyan/Navy/Marine/Soft/Ice Blue/Teal-winged fairies


Sky, a fairy with blue-tinted wings.

Pink-winged fairies


Pearl, a fairy with pink-tinted wings.

Purple/Violet/Lilac-winged fairies


Heather, a fairy with purple/violet-tinted wings.

Indigo/Deep Blue/Purple/Midnight-winged fairies

Inky Izzy

Izzy, a fairy with indigo-tinted wings.

Grey-winged fairies


Zoe, a fairy with grey-tinted wings.

Multi-colored winged Fairies

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