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Una the Concert Fairy



Una illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Pop Star Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Musical clef
Symbol(s) Stars

Una the Concert Fairy (U.S. name: Cassie the Concert Fairy) is the seventh and last fairy in the Pop Star Fairies series.


Una has red-gold hair pulled into a thick side plait and has pale skin with freckles. She wears a star-printed orange dress over purple spangled tights and silver high heels. Her wings are pointed and orange tinted.

Symbol: Stars (Orange, red and pink tinted)

Magic Object/ Job: 

Job: Makes sure all types of pop concerts go smoothly. 

Magic Object: A red magical musical clef necklace. 


  • She is named after Una Foden, from 'The Saturdays'. 
  • In the U.S. version, she is called Cassie the Concert Fairy 
  • Rachel and Kirsty go to two pop concerts: one in Fairyland and one on Rainspell Island!
  • Una loves pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

    Profile from the Official Rainbow Magic Website

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