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U.S Special Editions
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The U.S Special Edition fairies are a long-running series in the Rainbow Magic franchise, and represent the aspects of different holiday events, jobs, and of the world. They are responsible for making sure their assigned feature is safe from danger and problems happening. These fairy books are exclusive to the U.S and Canada, though some have been reprinted into UK Holiday Special Fairies, either under the same title or as a rewrite.


Kirsty and Rachel are usually at an event or on holiday when they meet the fairies. Each Special Edition fairy has three items which must be returned. The three items help with the fairies' job.

The Fairies

Trixie the Halloween Fairy


When the girls met Trixie, they were buying new Halloween costumes. Trixie has short orange hair and wears an orange dress with stripy orange and black tights. Without her magic, all aspects of Halloween won't be fun anymore, but scary.

Juliet the Valentine Fairy


Juliet was hiding in a jar of glitter when the girls found her. She has brown hair held back by a headband, wears a jumper and a skirt with heart pockets. Without her magic, couples and friends everywhere will fall out, for example, temporarily Mr Tate and Mrs Tate, and Rachel and Kirsty.

Emma the Easter Fairy


After a chocolate incident, the girls watched a flower open, revealing Emma in the middle. She has a black Afro and wears a floaty yellow dress and pink wellies. Without her magic, all aspects of Easter won't go well, for example, the chocolate and egg hunts.

Cara the Camp Fairy


Cara met Kirsty and Rachel after they discovered some strange footprints at their camp. She has dark blonde bunches and wears a purple camisole, blue shorts and flip flops. Without her magic, camp won't be any fun.

Lindsay the Luck Fairy

Lindsay the luck fairy

Kirsty and Rachel found Lindsay hiding in some grass when they visited Toberton. She has short red curly hair and wears a stripy green and white dress with leggings. Without her magic, people will be abnormally unlucky and St Patrick's Day parades won't go very well.

Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy


Autumn first met the girls when they went to Kyra's farm for the Harvest Festival. She has long dark red hair with bangs and wears a jacket, a shirt, purple jeans and knee-high boots. Without her magic, the fall season isn't fun for anyone.

Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy

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Addison was found in Rachel's room distressed after one of her pranks didn't amuse the girls. She has medium-length black hair and wears a puffy pink-white dress. Without her magic, no humans enjoy April Fool's Day and have any sense of humor for jokes.

Chelsea the Congratulations Fairy


Chelsea was inside a box of Cracker Jacks when the girls were watching a baseball game. She has dark brown hair tied in a bun and wears a fluffy bolero over a shiny purple party dress. Without her magic, no one will have any moral support.

Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy


Kirsty and Rachel saw Blossom in a bunch of flowers in a flower shop. She has curly brown hair tied in a bun and wears a pink floral patterned dress and a garland around her neck. Without her magic, things will go wrong for flowergirls.

Skyler the Fireworks Fairy


The girls met Skyler in a pile of dirt after following firework sounds into Kirsty's grandparents' garden. She has brown hair and wears a yellow cardigan, a stripy top and leggings. Without her magic, fireworks aren't enjoyable or safe.

Carmen the Cheerleading Fairy


Carmen was hiding in a pile of Pom-poms when the girls met her. She wears a black shirt with purple sleeves and matching skirt with trainers. Without her magic, cheerleading competitions will go wrong.  


Michelle the Winter Wonderland Fairy

The girls met Michelle when she flew out of a hot air vent in their holiday cottage. She has curly black hair and wears a blue coat with leggings and brown boots. Without her magic, winter festivities will be ruined.


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