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Tiana the Toy Fairy




Tiana illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series One off
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Marble, Magical Candy Key
Symbol(s) Marbles, copper-coloured keys
Preceding Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy
Succeeding Meghan the Wedding Sparkle Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village (1st book)
Tippington Town (2nd book)
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 20 October 2016 (1st book)
4 May 2017 (2nd book)

Tiana the Toy Fairy is the 9th fairy in the One-Offs series.


Tiana has frizzy shoulder-length black hair. She wears a pink jacket over a white top, pale blue trousers and orange trainers. Her wings are pointy and purple tinted. 

Symbol: Multicoloured marbles, copper-coloured keys

Magic objects/ Job:

Magic objects:

  1. Marble: makes sure the toys work properly and everyone's playtime is fun.
  2. Magical Candy Key: makes sure that people share their sweets and aren't greedy

Job: Making sure toys work properly and everyone's playtime is fun and that sweets are equally distributed.

Jack Frost's Poem 1

Tiana's Magic makes me mad

This world gets toys I never had.

Humans don't deserve such luck

So I will leave them thunderstruck.

Take that marble and run!

No human child will no have fun.

I'll take what's mine from girls and boys,

And fill my shelves with all their toys.

Jack Frost's Poem 2

I can't stand those flying fools

With all their goody-two-shoes rules.

They've made a land for friends to share,

Without inviting me in there

Goblins, steal Tiana's key,

And bring her magic straight to me.

I want that candy floss design.

The Land of Sweets must all be mine


  • Tiana is the first fairy to be inspired by a real life person who is aware they are the inspiration for the book, this one being YouTube toy reviewer Toys AndMe.
  • Her jobs are somewhat similar to Maddie the Playtime Fairy's job and Mary the Sharing Fairy's job.
  • She is the first and only fairy to have a sequel, 'in The Land of Toys'.


Tiana is named after Tiana from the YouTube channel Toys AndMe. The book was written with her as the main fairy.

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