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The Tates are a big family.

Members in Kirsty's view



Uncle John (Dad's brother,Kirsty's Uncle)

Aunt Isabel (Mum's sister, Kirsty's Aunt)

Lindsay nee Tate (Kirsty's older cousin)

Esther nee Tate (Kirsty's older cousin)

Gran (Kirsty's grandmother, lives in Leamouth)

Aunt Harri (U.S Aunt Helen) (Mum's sister, Kirsty's aunt)

Charlie (younger cousin)

Esther's Child (Kirsty's first cousin once removed)

Grandmother and grandfather (lives in Honeydown/Sundown)

Gran (lives in Wetherbury Village)


  • There is an inconsistency with Kirsty's grandparents
    • Her Gran (on supposedly her mother's side) lives in Leamouth
    • Her grandparents (on her mother's side as well (as she said so herself)) live in Sundown.
    • She also has a gran who lives in Wetherbury with them, but it is unknown if it's the same gran as one of the others