This is the list of the official fairies that were on the title logo (by series) of the UK Covers of Rainbow Magic prior to their removal in 2016's logo redesign.


  1. Izzy the Indigo Fairy - Rainbow Fairies, Special Editions & One-Offs
  2. Goldie the Sunshine Fairy - Weather Fairies
  3. Cherry the Cake Fairy - Party Fairies
  4. Sophie the Sapphire Fairy - Jewel Fairies
  5. Lauren the Puppy Fairy - Pet Keeper Fairies
  6. Freya the Friday Fairy - Fun Day Fairies
  7. Danielle the Daisy Fairy - Petal Fairies
  8. Jade the Disco Fairy - Dance Fairies
  9. Samantha the Swimming Fairy - Sports Fairies
  10. Ellie the Guitar Fairy - Music Fairies
  11. Ashley the Dragon Fairy - Magical Animal Fairies
  12. Coral the Reef Fairy - Green Fairies
  13. Pia the Penguin Fairy - Ocean Fairies
  14. Morgan the Midnight Fairy - Twilight Fairies
  15. Madison the Magic Show Fairy - Showtime Fairies
  16. Eva the Enchanted Ball Fairy - Princess Fairies
  17. Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy - Pop Star Fairies
  18. Tyra the Dress Designer Fairy - Fashion Fairies
  19. Madeleine the Cookie Fairy - Sweet Fairies
  20. Rosie the Honey Bear Fairy - Baby Animal Rescue Fairies
  21. Roxie the Baking Fairy - Magical Crafts Fairies
  22. Kathryn the PE Fairy - School Days Fairies
  23. Eleanor the Snow White Fairy - Fairytale Fairies
  24. Perrie the Paramedic Fairy - Helping Fairies
  25. Rosalie the Rapunzel Fairy - Storybook Fairies


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