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Baby Animal Rescue Fairies

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Baby Animal Rescue Fairies
Number 20th
Preceding Sweet Fairies
Succeeding Magical Crafts Fairies
Logo Rosie the Honey Bear Fairy

The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies is the 20th fairy group. The books in this group were released on 3rd October 2013, They were discovered when they were being sold on Amazon

The FairiesEdit

Poem: Edit

This was found from Mae the Panda Fairy, on 

I love animals, yes I do,

I want my very own private zoo!

I'll capture the animals, one by one,

With fairy magic to help me on!

A koala, a tiger, a Arctic fox,

I'll keep them in cages with giant locks.

Every kind of animal will be there,

A panda, a meerkat, a honey bear.

The animals will be my property,

I'll be master of a huge menagerie! 

(but sealing them from the fairies) 

Their PetsEdit

  • Pan Pan the baby panda of Mae
  • Sheba the baby tiger of Kitty
  • Missy the baby meerkat of Mara
  • Ziggy the baby zebra of Savannah
  • Kiki the baby koala of Kimberley
  • Billy the Honey Bear cub of Rosie
  • Dazzle the baby artic fox of Anna


  • Makes sure that all zoo animals are not in danger and are safely protected


  • Their magic items are keyrings which will make sure that pandas, tigers, meerkats, zebras, koalas, honey bears and arctic foxes are safely protected
  • This is the only fairy group to have 5 out of 7 fairies wearing boots 
  • Jack Frost and his goblins steal the fairies' magic keyrings so they can have their own personal zoo! 


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