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Summer the Holiday Fairy





Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday Special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Magic shells
Symbol(s) Pink scallop shells
Preceding Holly the Christmas Fairy
Succeeding Stella the Star Fairy
Location Rainspell Island
Special Thanks Linda Chapman
Publish date UKflag 2 June 2005
Freflag 10 January 2007
NAflag 1 May 2007
Italy flag 4 June 2007
Sweflag 7 May 2007
Gerflag 15 January 2009

Summer the Holiday Fairy (U.S. name: Joy the Vacation Fairy) is the 2nd fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Summer has tousled long, light brown hair in a side ponytail with a red flower and pale skin with freckles. She wears a bright yellow vest top with a yellow and red sarong, orange flip-flops and a beaded bracelet and anklet and a sea shell pendant. Her wings are pointed and pale orange tinted. 

Symbol: Pink scallop shells.

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects: 

  1. The Curly Twirly Shell looks after yummy food. 
  2. The Sea Breeze Shell controls the wind.
  3. The Scallop Shell makes sure all the beaches have sand.

Job: Making sure everyone of all ages have a fun holiday/vacation.

Jack Frost's Poem

Come wind, come breeze, come howling gale,

Whip up waves and billow sail!

Gather up the shells and sand,

From every corner of this land.

And with my cunning breezy spells,

I'll steal the magic Rainspell Shells.

Then beaches, ice cream, summer fun,

Will be spoiled for everyone!


  • When Summer uses her wand, lovely summery smells fill the air and carousel music can be head.
  • Jack Frost stole the Rainspell shells because he didn't want anyone else to have a fun holiday/vacation.
  • She is the only known fairy to have her wand ring when there's holiday-associated trouble. 
  • In the book she's described as wearing a pink top despite her wearing a yellow one on the cover.
  • Her book has been converted into a Early Reader book.
  • Her French name is Clémence.
  • Her German name is Sara.
  • Her Swedish name is Maja (pronounced Maya).
  • Her Slovenian name is Julija.
  • Her Italian name is Ilaria.


Summer's name comes from the season of summer. Summer is the time when people usually go on holiday due to the end of school for the year.


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