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Skyler the Fireworks Fairy


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Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series US Special Edition
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Cupcake, Bunting, Sparkler
Symbol(s) Fireworks & rockets
Preceding Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy
Succeeding Melissa the Sports Fairy
Location Honeydown
Special Thanks Kristin Earhart
Publish date NAflag 26 April 2016

Skyler the Fireworks Fairy (U.K. name: Fizz the Fireworks Fairy) is the 10th fairy in the U.S Special Editions series.


Skyler has long, dark brown wavy hair with a red hairband. She wears a yellow dotted jacket over a blue-and-white (or red-and-white) striped mini dress, red leggings and yellow polka-dotted ballet pumps. A pendant is around her neck and two bracelets on her left wrist. Her wings are pointed and light pink. 

Magic objects/Job:

Magic Objects:

  1. Cupcake: Without the cupcake, the little traditions won't go to plan. 
  2. Bunting: The bunting keeps people excited about the traditions. 
  3. Sparkler: The sparkler gives the fireworks its BANG! otherwise they would make no noise. 

Job: Ensuring that the little traditions of fireworks night stay important to people.

Jack Frost's Poem

Everyone likes to get away,

To escape for a vacation or holiday.

They go to a place that is sweet,

They take it easy, have a well-earned treat.

But I, Jack Frost, work day in day out,

It's enough to make a dark wizard pout.

Evil magic is not always easy for me,

I want to relax and be leisurely.

I'll ruin people's customs and the joy will be mine,

Then I'll take a vacation and life will be fine.

I won't stop until the fairies all see,

That no one deserves a break more than me, me, me!


  • On the Ebook cover, she has lighter hair and the background is a different colour. Also, she wears a different coloured shirt. 
  • Her UK equivalent is Fizz the Fireworks Fairy.
  • In her book, the story is set in the village of Honeydown. In Fizz's book, it is set in Sundown.
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