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School Days Fairies
Series 22nd
Number 148-151
Preceding Magical Crafts Fairies
Succeeding Fairytale Fairies
Logo Kathryn the PE Fairy
Location Tippington Town
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 2 October 2014
NAflag 28 June 2016

The School Days Fairies (U.S name: School Day Fairies) are the 22nd series and represent the aspects of school subjects, and are responsible for making sure the lessons go well. Lesson plans will be ruined without the fairies' magic.

There are four School Days fairies and they are: Marissa the Science Fairy, Alison the Art Fairy, Lydia the Reading Fairy and Kathryn the PE Fairy. They are helpers of Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy.


Kirsty is staying at Rachel's school for five days and they're excited to be in the same class, only, Jack Frost wants to start his own goblin school again, and takes the fairies' magic badges.

Jack Frost's Poem

It's time the School Days Fairies see,

How wonderful a school should be,

A place where goblins should be bossed

And learn about the great Jack Frost.

Now every fairy badge of gold,

Makes goblins do as they are told.

Let silly fairies whine and wail,

My cleverness will never fail!

The Fairies

Marissa the Science Fairy

Marissa science fairy

Marissa surprised Rachel when she flew out of the plastic plant pot cupboard. She has wavy auburn hair, a denim dress and a t-shirt. Without her magic, lessons won't go to plan and plants used for experiments will wither.

Alison the Art Fairy

Alison art fairy

Alison made Kirsty's chalk drawing of a rainbow sparkle when she appeared. She has long blonde hair topped off with a beret, a t-shirt and a maxi skirt. Without her magic, art projects will break easily and be ruined.

Lydia the Reading Fairy

Lydia reading fairy

Lydia appeared from a book when the girls were in Tippington School's library. She has a hat on top of black plaited hair, a pink jumper, shorts and leggings. Without her magic, books will be stuck together and sentences will become nonsense.

Kathryn the PE Fairy

Kathryn, pe fairy

(aka Kathryn the Gym Fairy)

Kathryn was inside a cone used for the PE class when the girls found her. She has long brown hair with a fringe and hair band, a baseball jacket with jeans and trainers. Without her magic, PE lessons will be in chaos and every student won't be able to do the simplest exercises.


  • They are the first UK and US series to have four fairies.
  • This is the first series to be written by Rachel Elliot only.
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