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Sasha Sharp
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female

Sasha Sharp is a pop singer and a dancer. She appeared in Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy.


Sasha is tall and has brown hair pinned back with a flower, much like Belle the Birthday Fairy's hair. When she met the girls, she wore a leotard edged with white fluff, a big belt, tights and high heels.


Sasha has a song called Let's Dance!

  • Up, down, spin around and touch the ground,
  • Come on, everybody! Let's dance around town
  • With a hop to the left and a jump to the right,
  • Come on, everybody! Let's dance tonight!


  • She has an assistant called Tamara.
  • Her trailer was turquoise with pink and purple butterflies.
  • She fell on her ankle when falling from the stage and sprained it.


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