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Sarah the Sunday Fairy



Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Fun Day Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) A silver Fun Day flag
Symbol(s) Yellow sun sparkles

Sarah the Sunday Fairy is the seventh and last fairy in the Fun Day Fairies series.

Fairy Profile from the Official RM Facebook Page

Sarah is very laid back. Her idea of fun is spending a nice quiet afternoon picnicking by the bank of a pretty stream, contemplating nature. It seems she's always resting up after spending a busy Saturday with Sienna, and trying to prepare for another busy week that lies ahead. When she waves her wand it shots out a beam of dazzling silver sparkles.


Sarah has long, black hair and dark skin. She wears a bright yellow dress with a darker yellow sash, stripy orange and yellow tights, purple boots and a purple flower necklace. Her wings are pointed and yellow tinted.

Magical Object/Job:

Object: Yellow Sunday flag.

Job: She makes sure Sundays are fun for everyone.


  • At the end of the fun day adventures, Queen Titania gave Rachel and Kirsty magical kites.
  • Phoebe the Fashion Fairy uses her magic to change the colour of Sarah's tights for any occasion. 
  • Her French name is Daphne. 
  • Her Swedish name is Siane. 
  • Her Italian name is Donatella.


Sarah is named after a friend of the book's author, Narinder Dhami. In the Special Thanks section, the book is dedicated to "Sara O'Connor".

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