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Rainbow Fairies
Series 1st
Number 1-7
Preceding none
Succeeding Weather Fairies
Logo Izzy the Indigo Fairy
Location Rainspell Island
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami (Ruby, Amber, Fern, Izzy)
Sue Bentley (Saffron, Sky, Heather)
Publish date UKflag 29 May 2003
NAflag 1 May 2005 (Ruby, Amber)
1 July 2005 (Sunny)
1 September 2005 (Fern)
1 November 2005 (Sky)
1 January 2006 (Inky)
1 February 2006 (Heather)
Sweflag 25 October 2005
Gerflag 1 January 2006
Spanish January 2006 - June 2008
SA flag February 2009 - 2011

The Rainbow Fairies are the 1st series and represent the colours of the rainbow, and are responsible for keeping all the colours of Fairyland shining and bright. Things are never dull when this bunch is around! There are seven Rainbow fairies and they are: Ruby the Red Fairy, Amber the Orange Fairy, Saffron the Yellow Fairy, Fern the Green Fairy, Sky the Blue Fairy, Izzy the Indigo Fairy and Heather the Violet Fairy.


Rachel met Kirsty on their spring break to Rainspell Island. They were exploring the island until they found Ruby the Red Fairy trapped under a black pot. Ruby tells the girls about Jack Frost and how he took away the colour in Fairyland. Her sisters were scattered all over the island. They were asked to find each fairy, and bring them back to safety in the pot. They also must avoid the goblins. When all the fairies were reunited, they fly to Fairyland and use their magic to bring the color back. 

The ending to Heather the Violet Fairy (when Kirsty and Rachel returned her to the pot) was different in Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island, compared to the book's ending.

Jack Frost's Poem

Cold winds blow and thick ice form,

I conjure up this fairy storm.

To the seven corners of the mortal world

The Rainbow Fairies will be hurled!

I curse every part of Fairyland,

With a frosty wave of my icy hand.

For now and always, from this fateful day,

Fairyland will be cold and grey!

The Fairies

Ruby the Red Fairy

Ruby was trapped in the Pot when Rachel and Kirsty came to rescue her. She was found first out of all the Rainbow Fairies. Red flowers fall from her wand. She has long blonde hair tied up with roses, wears a red dress, crimson slippers with ribbons wrapped around her legs and a rose necklace.

Amber the Orange Fairy


Amber was trapped in a creamy orange scallop shell. Orange bubbles emanate from her wand. She has flame-colored hair, which is tied up with peach blossoms and wears an orange catsuit with long boots.

Saffron the Yellow Fairy


Saffron was trapped in one of Mrs Merry's bee hives. Yellow butterflies fall from her wand. She has short blonde hair and wears a yellow t-shirt with a butterfly in the corner, a pair of yellow shorts with a butterfly at the bottom and yellow trainers.

Fern the Green Fairy


Fern was trapped in an alcove in a nut tree which had froze over. Green leaves fly from her wand. She has brown hair tied into pigtails and wears a bright green top and stretchy trousers with leaf shapes around her neck and waist and brown pixie boots. 

Sky the Blue Fairy


Sky was trapped in a bubble in a rock-pool which turned deadly as it froze over when Jack Frost's goblins got too close, almost killing her. Blue stars emanate from her wand. She has short curly blonde hair, wears a short, sparkly dress and knee high boots. Her earrings and headband are made of tiny stars.

Izzy the Indigo Fairy

Izzy was trapped in a copy of "The Big Book of Fairy Tales" in Mermaid Cottage. Indigo ink drops fly from her wand. She has neat blue-black hair, wearing indigo jeans and a matching jacket covered with spangles.

Heather the Violet Fairy


Heather was trapped in Tom Goodfellow's Merry-go-round.Violet blossoms fall from her wand. She has shoulder length blonde hair with a blossom in it. She wears a violet dress with matching stockings and slippers and a violet pearl necklace and bracelets.


  • As suggested by the end of Heather the Violet Fairy, the Rainbow Fairies set was originally meant to be a stand-alone series, before its popularity gave the creators a reason to prolong it by writing more series.


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