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This is a list of all Rainbow Magic books that have been/are due to be released in 2017. Titles released in previous years are not listed here. Neither are titles due for publication from 2018 onward, which can be found here.


Type Pub date
Susie the Sister Fairy UK Holiday Special 5th January
Storybook Fairies U.S. series 28th February
Baby Farm Animal Fairies UK series 9th March
Early Reader: Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy Early Reader 9th March
Tiana the Toy Fairy in the Land of Sweets One Off 4th May
Carmen the Cheerleading Fairy U.S. Special Edition 9th May
Sianne the Butterfly Fairy UK Holiday Special 1st June
Early Reader: Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy Early Reader 13th July
Samira the Superhero Fairy UK Holiday Special 7th September
Michelle the Winter Wonderland Fairy U.S Special Edition 26th September
Candyland Fairies UK series 5th October
Early Reader: Holly the Christmas Fairy Early Reader 2nd November
Christina the Winter Wonderland Fairy UK Holiday special 2nd November

Book covers

In order of when they come out, shown in the table above

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