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Prince George
Race Fairy
Gender ♂ Male


Prince George with his baby sibling, Alexandra, Kate, Jennifer and Georgie. Coloured by LexsJB

Prince George is Princess Grace and Prince Arthur's first child.


George was born in Alexandra the Royal Baby Fairy.

He was named in Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy.

His baby sibling was born in Frances the Royal Family Fairy.


George has thin fair hair like his father's and rosy cheeks. He has blue wings as mentioned in Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy.


  • The baby Alexandra is holding on the cover is Prince George.
  • George was based on Kate Middleton and Prince William's first child, George.
  • He has a baby sibling. It's unsure if they're a boy or a girl, since the book writes the male pronoun but the illustrations are like a girl.
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