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Phoebe the Fashion Fairy




Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Party Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) A glittering red party bag
Symbol(s) Red hearts

Phoebe the Fashion Fairy is the sixth fairy in the Party Fairies series.

Fairy Profile from the Official RM Facebook Page:

Phoebe is one with extra sparkly wings. She's in charge of everyone's special party outfits. She loves to help others look their best, and is never at a loss when others need fashion advice. Her scarlet wand with a ruby heart at the end sends out magical red and silver hearts. Phoebe is very artsy. She likes to keep up with all the latest fashion and design trends. Everything she does, she does with style.


Phoebe had light-coloured skin with long, wavy blonde hair held back by a red hairband. She wears a short, white dress with red hearts along the hemline, white pumps with red hearts at the toes and a red heart pendant necklace. Her wings are red tinted. 

Symbol: Red hearts.

Magical object/Job

Job: Phobe ensures that party outfits look fab and aren't ruined. 

Object: Red satin party bag. 


  • Her fairy helpers are the Fashion Fairies
  • The silk used to make Phoebe's dress is from magic silkworms. 
  • Phoebe's best friend is Grace the Glitter Fairy
  • Her German name is 'Trixi Tausendschön', which translates to 'Trixi Thousand'.
  • Her Swedish name is Sofie.
  • Her Spanish name is Molly.


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