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Party Fairies
Series 3rd
Number 15-21
Preceding Weather Fairies
Succeeding Jewel Fairies
Logo Cherry the Cake Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Sue Mongredien (Cherry, Phoebe, Honey)
Narinder Dhami (Grace, Polly, Jasmine)
Marilyn Kaye (Melodie)
Publish date UKflag 7 April 2005
Italy flag 2006
Jaflag 2007
Freflag 15 February 2007 -
7 June 2007
Sweflag 4 October 2007
Gerflag June 2008 -
June 2009
Slovflag 20 January 2009 -
7 October 2009
Turflag March 2010
NAflag 1 July 2010
Indo flag 2011

The Party Fairies are the 3rd series and represent the aspects of parties, and are responsible for making sure all parties will go well. Things to do with parties will go wrong without the fairies' magic.

There are seven Party Fairies and they are: Cherry the Cake Fairy, Melodie the Music Fairy, Grace the Glitter Fairy, Honey the Sweet Fairy, Polly the Party Fun Fairy, Phoebe the Fashion Fairy and Jasmine the Present Fairy.


It's Kirsty's birthday when Bertram comes to explain that it's the Fairy King and Queen's 1000th Jubilee and that the Party Fairies are making sure everything is perfect. That is, until they learn that Jack Frost has sent his goblins to steal the Party Fairies' magic party bags whenever the fairies try to save the day. It's up to Rachel and Kirsty to help the fairies and save the jubilee.

Fairy Godmother's Poem

Our gracious King and gentle Queen,

Are loved by fairies all.

One thousand years have they ruled well,

Through troubles great and small.

In honour of their glorious reign,

A party has been planned.

To celebrate their jubilee,

Throughout all Fairyland.

The party is a royal surprise,

We hope they'll be delighted.

So shine your wand and press your dress,

For you have been invited.


The Fairies

Cherry the Cake Fairy


Cherry met the girls at Kirsty's birthday party. She wears a wrap around top and a ruffled skirt with knee high stripy socks. She has brown hair. Without her magic, cakes will be ruined.

Melodie the Music Fairy


Melodie was hiding under a tambourine when the girls found her. She has golden brown hair and wears a pink dress with music notes decorated around the hem. Without her magic, music won't be melodious and beautiful. 

Grace the Glitter Fairy

Grace arrived whilst the girls were at a party so they had to hide her. She has long blonde hair and wears a pink dress with matching boots. Without her magic, decorations will be dull and boring.

Honey the Sweet Fairy


(aka Honey the Candy Fairy)

Honey was in Mrs Twist's sweet shop when the girls saw her trying to retrieve her party bag from a goblin. She has long golden blonde hair and wears a pale yellow dress. Without her magic, sweets won't be very nice to eat.

Polly the Party Fun Fairy


Polly appeared by a tree when the girls were setting up for their Brownies party. She has long strawberry blonde hair and wears a blue vest with matching trousers. Without her magic, parties won't be any fun and games won't work properly.

Phoebe the Fashion Fairy


Phoebe was outside Kirsty's friend Charlotte's window when the girls saw her. She has curly blonde hair and wears a white dress. Without her magic, party clothes will be ruined.

Jasmine the Present Fairy


Jasmine was at Kirsty's street party when she appeared to the girls. She has long brown hair and wears a blue vest and a matching long skirt. Without her magic, presents won't be very nice.

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