Here are the origins of fairy names. They are unofficial but logical.

The Rainbow Fairies

Ruby the Red Fairy – alliteration, rubies are red

Amber the Orange Fairy – amber is a shade of orange

Saffron the Yellow Fairy – saffron is a colour and is a yellow dye

  • Sunny the Yellow Fairy - the sun is yellow-orange

Fern the Green Fairy – fern is a green plant

Sky the Blue Fairy – the sky is blue

Izzy the Indigo Fairy – alliteration, indigo is a colour

  • Inky the Indigo Fairy - ink can come in dark blue

Heather the Violet Fairy – heather is a purplely-pink plant

The Weather Fairies

Crystal the Snow Fairy – snowflakes are also called ‘snow crystals’

Abigail the Breeze Fairy – a gale is a very strong wind

Pearl the Cloud Fairy – unknown

Goldie the Sunshine Fairy – gold is an orange colour and the sun is orange

Evie the Mist Fairy – unknown

Storm the Lightning Fairy – lighting can occur in a storm

Hayley the Rain Fairy – unknown

The Party Fairies

Cherry the Cake Fairy – alliteration, cherries can be a decoration on cakes

Melodie the Music Fairy – alliteration, a melody is a tune in music

Grace the Glitter Fairy – alliteration

Honey the Sweet Fairy – honey is sweet

Polly the Party Fun Fairy – alliteration

Phoebe the Fashion Fairy – alliteration

Jasmine the Present Fairy – unknown

The Jewel Fairies

India the Moonstone Fairy - unknown

Scarlett the Garnet Fairy – scarlet is a shade of red, rhymes

Emily the Emerald Fairy – alliteration

Chloe the Topaz Fairy – unknown

Amy the Amethyst Fairy – alliteration

Sophie the Sapphire Fairy – alliteration

Lucy the Diamond Fairy – The Beatles have a song called "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"

The Pet Keeper Fairies

Katie the Kitten Fairy – alliteration

Bella the Bunny Fairy – alliteration

Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy – alliteration

Lauren the Puppy Fairy – unknown

Harriet the Hamster Fairy – alliteration

Molly the Goldfish Fairy – unknown

Penny the Pony Fairy – alliteration

The Fun Day Fairies

Megan the Monday Fairy – alliteration

Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy – alliteration

  • Tara the Tuesday Fairy - alliteration

Willow the Wednesday Fairy – alliteration

Thea the Thursday Fairy – alliteration

Freya the Friday Fairy – alliteration

  • Felicity the Friday Fairy - alliteration

Sienna the Saturday Fairy – alliteration

Sarah the Sunday Fairy – alliteration

The Petal Fairies

Tia the Tulip Fairy – alliteration

Pippa the Poppy Fairy – alliteration, poppies have seeds (also called pips)

Louise the Lily Fairy – alliteration

Charlie the Sunflower Fairy – unknown

Olivia the Orchid Fairy – alliteration

Danielle the Daisy Fairy – alliteration

Ella the Rose Fairy – unknown

The Dance Fairies

Bethany the Ballet Fairy – alliteration

Jade the Disco Fairy – unknown

Rebecca the Rock 'n' Roll Fairy – alliteration

Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy – alliteration

Jessica the Jazz Fairy – alliteration

Saskia the Salsa Fairy – alliteration

  • Serena the Salsa Fairy - alliteration

Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy – alliteration

  • Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy - alliteration

The Sporty Fairies

Helena the Horse-Riding Fairy – alliteration

Francesca the Football Fairy – alliteration

  • Stacey the Soccer Fairy - alliteration

Zoe the Skating Fairy – unknown

Naomi the Netball Fairy – alliteration

  • Brittany the Basketball Fairy - alliteration

Samantha the Swimming Fairy – alliteration

Alice the Tennis Fairy – unknown

Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy – alliteration

The Music Fairies

Poppy the Piano Fairy – alliteration

Ellie the Guitar Fairy – unknown

Fiona the Flute Fairy – alliteration

Danni the Drum Fairy – alliteration

Maya the Harp Fairy – alliteration

Victoria the Violin Fairy – alliteration

Sadie the Saxophone Fairy – alliteration

The Magical Animal Fairies

Ashley the Dragon Fairy – dragons allegedly breathe fire, and if something is burnt by fire, it turns into ash

Lara the Black Cat Fairy – unknown

Erin the Firebird Fairy – unknown

Rihanna the Seahorse Fairy – unknown

Sophia the Snow Swan Fairy – alliteration

Leona the Unicorn Fairy – unknown

Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy – unknown

The Green Fairies

Nicole the Beach Fairy – unknown

Isabella the Air Fairy – unknown

Edie the Garden Fairy – unknown

Coral the Reef Fairy – coral can grow on reefs

Lily the Rainforest Fairy – unknown

Milly the River Fairy – unknown, almost rhyming

Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy – unknown, slight alliteration

The Ocean Fairies

Ally the Dolphin Fairy – unknown

Amelie the Seal Fairy – unknown, almost rhyming

Pia the Penguin Fairy – alliteration

Tess the Sea Turtle Fairy – slight alliteration

Stephanie the Starfish Fairy – alliteration

Whitney the Whale Fairy – alliteration

Courtney the Clownfish Fairy – alliteration

The Twilight Fairies

Ava the Sunset Fairy – unknown

Lexi the Firefly Fairy – unknown

Zara the Starlight Fairy – unknown, almost rhyming

Morgan the Midnight Fairy – alliteration

Yasmin the Night Owl Fairy – unknown

  • Nia the Night Owl Fairy - alliteration

Maisie the Moonbeam Fairy – alliteration

  • Anna the Moonbeam Fairy - unknown

Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy – alliteration

The Showtime Fairies

Madison the Magic Show Fairy – alliteration

Leah the Theatre Fairy – unknown, almost rhyming

Alesha the Acrobat Fairy – alliteration

Darcey the Dance Diva Fairy – alliteration

Amelia the Singing Fairy - unknown

Isla the Ice Star Fairy – alliteration

Taylor the Talent Show Fairy – alliteration

The Princess Fairies

Honor the Happy Days Fairy – alliteration

  • Hope the Happiness Fairy - alliteration

Demi the Dressing-up Fairy – alliteration

  • Cassidy the Costume Fairy - alliteration

Anya the Cuddly Creatures Fairy – unknown

Elisa the Adventure Fairy – unknown

Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy – unknown

Maddie the Playtime Fairy – unknown

Eva the Enchanted Ball Fairy – alliteration

The Pop Star Fairies

Jessie the Lyrics Fairy – pop singer Jessie J

Adele the Singing Coach Fairy – pop singer Adele

Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy – pop singer Vanessa from ‘The Saturdays’

Miley the Stylist Fairy – pop singer Miley Cyrus

Frankie the Make-up Fairy – pop singer Frankie from ‘The Saturdays’

Rochelle the Star Spotter Fairy – pop singer Rochelle from ‘The Saturdays’

  • Alyssa the Star Spotter Fairy - unknown

Una the Concert Fairy – pop singer Una from ‘The Saturdays’

  • Cassie the Concert Fairy - alliteration

The Fashion Fairies

Miranda the Beauty Fairy – unknown

Claudia the Accessories Fairy – unknown

Tyra the Dress Designer Fairy – unknown

Alexa the Fashion Reporter Fairy – unknown

Matilda the Hairstylist Fairy – unknown

  • Jennifer the Hairstylist Fairy - unknown

Brooke the Photographer Fairy – unknown

Lola the Fashion Show Fairy – unknown, almost rhyming

The Sweet Fairies

Lottie the Lollipop Fairy – alliteration

  • Lisa the Lollipop Fairy - alliteration

Esme the Ice Cream Fairy – unknown, almost rhyming

Coco the Cupcake Fairy – alliteration, cocoa powder can be used to flavour and make cakes

Clara the Chocolate Fairy – alliteration

Madeleine the Cookie Fairy – madeleines are French cookies

Layla the Candyfloss Fairy – unknown

Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy — unknown

The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies

Mae the Panda Fairy – unknown

Kitty the Tiger Fairy – kitty is a nickname for cat

Mara the Meerkat Fairy – alliteration

Savannah the Zebra Fairy – zebras can be found on savannas

Kimberley the Koala Fairy – alliteration

Rosie the Honey Bear Fairy – unknown

Anna the Arctic Fox Fairy – alliteration

  • Nora the Arctic Fox Fairy - unknown

The Magical Crafts Fairies

Kayla the Pottery Fairy – unknown

Annabelle the Drawing Fairy – unknown

Zadie the Sewing Fairy – slight alliteration

Josie the Jewellery-Making Fairy – alliteration

Violet the Painting Fairy – unknown

Libby the Story-Writing Fairy – unknown

Roxie the Baking Fairy – unknown

The School Days Fairies

Marissa the Science Fairy – unknown

Alison the Art Fairy – alliteration

Lydia the Reading Fairy – unknown

Kathryn the PE Fairy – unknown

The Fairytale Fairies

Julia the Sleeping Beauty Fairy – unknown

Eleanor the Snow White Fairy – unknown

Faith the Cinderella Fairy – unknown

Rita the Frog Princess Fairy – unknown

Gwen the Beauty and the Beast Fairy – unknown

Aisha the Princess and the Pea Fairy – unknown

Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy – alliteration

The Helping Fairies

Martha the Doctor Fairy – unknown

Ariana the Firefighter Fairy – unknown

Perrie the Paramedic Fairy – alliteration

Lulu the Lifeguard Fairy – alliteration

The Storybook Fairies

Elle the Thumbelina Fairy – unknown

Rosalie the Rapunzel Fairy – alliteration

Mariana the Goldilocks Fairy – unknown

Ruth the Red Riding Hood Fairy – alliteration

The Friendship Fairies

Esther the Kindness Fairy – unknown

Mary the Sharing Fairy — rhyming

Mimi the Laughter Fairy – unknown

Clare the Caring Fairy — alliteration

The Baby Farm Animal Fairies

Debbie the Duckling Fairy - alliteration

Elodie the Lamb Fairy - slight alliteration

Penelope the Foal Fairy - unknown

Billie the Baby Goat Fairy - alliteration, "billie" is another name for a female goat.

The Candyland Fairies

Monica the Marshmallow Fairy - alliteration

Gabby the Bubblegum Fairy - unknown

Lisa the Jelly Bean Fairy - unknown

Shelley the Sherbet Fairy - alliteration

The Funfair Fairies

Rae the Rollercoaster Fairy - alliteration

Fatima the Face-Painting Fairy - alliteration

Paloma the Dodgems Fairy - unknown

Bobbi the Bouncy Castle Fairy - alliteration

The Endangered Animals Fairies

Etta the Elephant Fairy - alliteration

Priya the Polar Bear Fairy - alliteration

Chelsea the Chimpanzee Fairy - alliteration

Selma the Snow Leopard Fairy - alliteration

The Discovery Fairies

Aisha the Astronaut Fairy - alliteration

Orla the Inventor Fairy - unknown

Hazel the Detective Fairy - unknown

Elsie the Engineer Fairy - alliteration

Holiday Special Fairies

Holly the Christmas Fairy – holly is a plant associated with Christmas

Summer the Holiday Fairy – people usually go on holiday in the summer

  • Joy the Vacation Fairy - people enjoy vacations

Stella the Star Fairy – alliteration, stella means ‘star’ in Latin

Kylie the Carnival Fairy – alliteration

Paige the Pantomime Fairy - alliteration

Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy - alliteration

Chrissie the Wish Fairy – slightly rhyming

Shannon the Ocean Fairy – slightly rhyming

Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy – unknown

Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy – unknown

Trixie the Halloween Fairy – ‘trick or treat’ is a common phrase used in Halloween

Destiny the Pop Star Fairy – unknown

Juliet the Valentine Fairy – chosen by the public, Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a popular drama play about romance

Belle the Birthday Fairy – alliteration

Cheryl the Christmas Tree Fairy – alliteration

Florence the Friendship Fairy – alliteration

Emma the Easter Fairy – alliteration

Cara the Camp Fairy – alliteration

Selena the Sleepover Fairy – alliteration

Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy – unknown

Keira the Film Star Fairy – Keira means 'black haired' and the pictures of Keira show her with black hair.

Olympia the Games Fairy – Olympia is where the Olympic Games originate

Tamara the Tooth Fairy – alliteration

  • Brianna the Tooth Fairy - unknown

Angelica the Angel Fairy – alliteration, the word is featured in the name

Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy – unknown

  • Bailey the Babysitter Fairy - alliteration

Lindsay the Luck Fairy - alliteration

Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy – unknown

Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy – unknown

Robyn the Christmas Party Fairy – robins are birds associated with Christmas

Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy – autumn is the season where the leaves start to fall

Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy – alliteration

Lila and Myla the Twins Fairies – rhyming names shows compatibility

Tilly the Teacher Fairy – alliteration

Giselle The Christmas Ballet Fairy – ‘Giselle’ is a popular ballet

Heidi The Vet Fairy – unknown

Chelsea the Congratulations Fairy – alliteration

Daisy The Festival Fairy – unknown

Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s reputation as a fashion icon

Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy – unknown

Becky the Best Friend Fairy – alliteration

Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy – blossom is a type of flower

Melissa the Sports Fairy – unknown

Elsa the Mistletoe Fairy – unknown

Fizz the Fireworks Fairy — alliteration, fireworks make a fizzing sound before exploding

  • Skyler the Fireworks Fairy – unknown, maybe because fireworks explode in the sky?

Susie the Sister Fairy - alliteration

Kat the Jungle Fairy - tigers ('big cats') can be found in the jungle

Sianne the Butterfly Fairy - unknown

Carmen the Cheerleader Fairy - alliteration

Samira the Superhero Fairy - alliteration

Christina the Winter Wonderland Fairy - unknown

Maria the Mother's Day Fairy - alliteration

Ellen the Explorer Fairy - alliteration

Cara the Coding Fairy - alliteration

Ivy the Worry Fairy - unknown

Camilla the Christmas Present Fairy - alliteration


Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy – alliteration

Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy – Kate Middleton

Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy – Queen Elizabeth II

Alexandra the Royal Baby Fairy – unknown, possibly because one of the anticipated names for the royal baby was Alexander?

Georgie The Royal Prince Fairy – Prince George of Cambridge

Luna the Loom Band Fairy – alliteration, almost rhyming

Frances the Royal Family Fairy – unknown, slight alliteration

Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy – Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Tiana the Toy Fairy - YouTuber Tiana from Toys and Me

Meghan the Wedding Sparkle Fairy - Meghan Markle

Choice of name

  • Fairies are usually named in alliteration to their jobs or the object they are protecting
    • Eg. Fiona the Flute Fairy
  • Fairies can also be named after a person of the author's choice, as seen occasionally in the Special Thanks of that fairy's book.
  • Fairies can also be based off well known people, with their name and appearance resembling the person.
    • Eg. Jessie the Lyrics Fairy - Jessie J
  • Fairies' names can relate to the object they are protecting.
    • Eg. Madeleine the Cookie Fairy - Madeleine is a type of biscuit.
    • Ruby the Red Fairy - rubies are a red colour
  • In One-Offs, fairies are usually named after a member of the royal family in relation to their job.
    • Eg. Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy - birth of Prince George
    • Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy - birth of Princess Charlotte