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Olympia the Games Fairy


Olympia us


Olympia illustration

Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday Special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Swimming cap, bike bell, trainers
Symbol(s) Gold lightning bolts
Location Melford
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami
Publish date UKflag 1 March 2012
NAflag 1 May 2012
4 February 2016 (Early Reader)
Series order

Keira the Film Star Fairy


Tamara the Tooth Fairy

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Keira the Film Star Fairy


Pop Star Fairies

Olympia the Games Fairy is the 21st fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Olympia has long blonde hair in a ponytail with a braid. She wears a lilac running outfit with a gold pattern on the legs, a yellow tracksuit top, gold stud earrings and gold and pink trainers in UK.

In the US version, she wears a red running outfit with a blue pattern on the legs, a blue tracksuit top, red stud earrings and blue and white trainers. Her wings are pointy and pink tinted.

Symbol: Gold lightning bolts.

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects:

  1. The Sparkling Swimming Cap: makes sure swimming events are safe and fun.
  2. The Musical Bicycle Bell: ensures cycling races run smoothly.
  3. The Tireless Trainers: makes sure that running events are enjoyable and successful.

Job: To look after all Games and Triathlons in the human world and Fairyland.

Jack Frost's Poem

I want to cycle and swim and run,

And I have to win or it's simply no fun.

But I don't want to train and have aching feet,

I'd much rather steal and lie and cheat!

Olympia's magic can give me a hand,

So, goblins, off to Fairyland!

We'll steal her magical objects away,

Then lots of medals will come my way!

The sparkling swimming cap makes you swim fast,

In the tireless trainers I'll never come last.

I'll win with the musical bicycle bell,

I'm going for gold, as you can tell!


  • This Rainbow Magic Special was specially designed for the London 2012 Games. 
  • Her book has been converted into a Early Reader book. 


Olympia's name comes from the Ancient Greek plain, Olympia. Olympia was the site where the first Olympic games were held, hence the name Olympic.

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