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Scene from the song

No More Grey Skies is the first song in Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island. It is heard when the fairies are returning colour to Fairyland


No more grey skies

I can see a rainbow now.

How wonderful,

They're pulling clouds away.

They're our new friends,

Our brand new friends.

And they're colouring the rainbow sky,

With magic from Fairyland, yeah.

And they're colouring the rainbow sky,

To melt away the ice land, yeah.

Our friends are near,

We have no tears.

We can see the rainbow magic,

Shining in the distance.

Now we have the power,

To make the spell,

To break the spell.

Now we know our friends are here,

There's no more worry.

Now we have the rainbow magic,

It's all around us.

Now we have the rainbow,

It's all around us now.