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Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy
Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Friendship bracelet, Water bottle, Compass
Symbol(s) Gold stars & green Oak leaves
Preceding Lindsay the Luck Fairy
Succeeding Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy
Location Camp Oakwood
Special Thanks Tracey West
Publish date UKflag 2 May 2013

Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy is the 25th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series. 


Nicki has pale brown skin and dark brown hair pulled into bunches. She wears a orange vest top over a pink T-shirt, cropped blue jeans, pink trainers and a rainbow striped necklace with two friendship bracelets on her left wrist. Her wings are pointy and pale orange tinted.

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects: 

  1. The Holiday Camp Bracelet keeps all types of camp arts and crafts fun.
  2. The Water Bottle makes sure campers keep as cool as possible in the summer heat.
  3. The Compass makes sure that campers don't get lost in the woods.

Job: Making sure camp is fun for all campers!

Jack Frost's Poem

Goblins adore some things about camp,

Bugs and games and mud and damp.

But I, Jack Frost, can't stand the sun,

I sit in the dark while campers have fun.

So I'll ruin camp and drain the lake,

I'll spoil the crafts kids love to make.

As long I have the items three,

No one will have fun but me!


  • Her U.S. equivalent is Cara the Camp Fairy
  • The fairies Rachel and Kirsty draw at the beginning are Lexi the Firefly Fairy and Zara the Starlight Fairy.
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