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Molly the Goldfish Fairy

Molly,goldfish fairy



Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Pet Keeper Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Flash the goldfish
Symbol(s) Dark blue roses

Molly the Goldfish Fairy is the sixth fairy in the Pet Keeper Fairies series.

Fairy Profile from the Official RM Facebook Page

Molly takes good care of Flash, the golden magic pet goldfish. Molly carries Flash in a glass fishbowl filled with water on her arm, like a tiny shining handbag. But unlike ordinary fish, Flash doesn't need to stay in his water bowl all the time, because he can swim through the air! Flash blows a stream of colorful bubbles when he's excited. When Molly waves her wand, it sends out a shower of turquoise Fairy dust. 
Molly is known in Fairyland for bringing good luck with her wherever she goes. She's always the first one picked when choosing teams.


Molly has long, red curly hair held back by a dark blue rose headband. She wears a blue sleeveless top with a turquoise skirt and dark blue ballet shoes with ribbons. She wears a dark blue rose pendant and a blue beaded bracelet. Her wings are round and light blue tinted.

Symbol: Dark blue roses.

Magical animal/Job:

Animal: Flash the goldfish. 

Job: She looks over all pets that are fish.


  • Her French name is Millie.
  • Her Swedish name is Lina.
  • Her Slovenian name is Kim.
  • Her Italian name is Cinzia.


Molly is named after a friend of the book's author, Narinder Dhami. In the Special Thanks section, the book is dedicated to "Molly Shanahan".

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