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  • HeyRoseXinh, I hope you are doing well. It's LexsJB here, I need your help really urgently. I modified the SInfobox template so I could use it for the series, like which series predecesses it, which series succeed it and which number series it is. Well i really badly messed it up so now there is always the 'number' box, there is a bit of strange text which I think I added and since you know how to do templates, could you fix it? Here is an example of what I wanted to do Party Fairies can you see the random symbols and numbers at the top? Please could you get rid of it and the fact that the box 'number' appears in every one. Like Penny the Pony Fairy. See the 'number' box at they bottom of the SInfobox with a dash in it? I think all you need to do is change it on the Template:SInfobox page and it'll change all of them.

    Thanks in advance, Rose. If you're too busy to read this its fine, I'll just go back to square one

    LexsJBTalk 01:48, March 21, 2015 (UTC)

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  • On wow, hi! Nice to meet you! I'm glad you came back, even though I never knew you. But still, it's nice to have someone new(ish) on the wiki.

    About SNSD, I don't like them because their songs are too annoying and I think they're fake because they have too much plastic surgery and even Sunny is ashamed of her make up-free face. Why are YOU an anti fan? Also, do you like EXO? I can speak a tiny bit of Mandarin and Korean, although i don't know tons.

    About the wiki, you can ask Dazzle, CoolStar1998 and Amathist1998 if you have any other problems as well as me. They are awesome people. CoolStar specialises in book plots and can give you spoilers if u want. Dazzle specialises in art and stuff like fan things, Amathist specialises in fan stuff and other things (Amathist hasn't been on in a while) and I specialise in humans in rainbow magic. So you can ask one of us :D

    LexsJBTalk 15:21, April 28, 2014 (UTC)

    PS. Isn't the writing next to the A.K.A part of your profile Chinese writing?

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    • I hate editing on my phone, it's too small and it always glitches. I'll never do it again.

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