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Melodie the Music Fairy




Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Party Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) A pink party bag
Symbol(s) Black music notes

Melodie the Music Fairy is the second fairy in the Party Fairies series.


Melodie has golden hair in two plaits with a pink headband. She wears a pink dress with music notes at the hem. She also wears pink bangles and pink ballet flats. Her wings are round and pink tinted. Symbol: black music notes.

Role in Fairyland

Job: in charge of making sure all music sounds right at parties.

Item: party bag filled with pink fairy dust.


  • In the book, there is an error that Melodie has a white dress. But on the cover of the book, it is shown that Melodie is wearing a pink dress. 
  • Goblins love music, but they're tone-deaf and have no sense of rhythm.
  • With a wave of Melodie's wand, instruments start to play all by themselves!
  • She is also the conductor of the Fairyland Band, which consists of the seven Music Fairies, and can often be seen performing with the band at numerous events and parties.
  • Her French name is Angelique.
  • Her German name is 'Mia Melodie'.
  • Her Swedish name is Miranda.
  • Her Spanish name is Monica.
  • Her Slovenian name is Lana.
  • Her Italian name is Marilena.
  • Her Turkish name is Ezgi.


Melodie's name comes from the aspect of music, a melody. A melody is a tune or a sequence of notes.


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