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Me-2-U are a boy band in the story Starstruck! featured in the Fabulous Fairy Annual 2016. The band members are Mikey, Will, Lewis and Dylan. Dylan is the one looking at Kirsty in the image. They have lots of merchandise and a song called "Heart Zone". Not much is known about them.


Dylan has longer hair flicked to the side and much resembles Harry Styles' hairstyle. He wears a shirt. One of them has short blonde hair and wears a tank top. One of them wears a tank top with an armband and has short black hair. One of them has a dark quiff and wears a shirt. 


  • They were likely designed with One Direction in mind.
  • It's obvious Kirsty's favourite is probably Dylan, as she remarks "it doesn't even sound like Dylan's singing" in concern.
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