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Maisie the Moonbeam Fairy



Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Twilight Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Bag of Moonbeam Dust
Symbol(s) Light blue crescent moons

 Maisie the Moonbeam Fairy (U.S. name: Anna the Moonbeam Fairy) is the sixth fairy in the Twilight Fairies series. 


Maisie has corn blonde hair rolled up in a chignon bun. She wears a light blue dress with a light pink frill, sparkly black chunky knit long-sleeved cardigan, a pair of burnt brown knee-high boots and a crescent-moon pendant. Her wings have a light lilac tint. 

Symbol: Light blue crescent moons.

Magic Object/Job:

Job: Looking after the moon and its moonbeams. 

Magic Object: A bag of moonbeam dust. 


  • In the U.S. version, she is called Anna the Moonbeam Fairy (Anna the Arctic Fox Fairy redirected from this).

    Profile from the Official Rainbow Magic Website

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