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Mae is the first fairy in The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies series. 

Appearance: Edit

She has light -brown skin with short black hair pulled back into bunches. Her outfit consists of a bright yellow T -shirt with 'I heart pandas' logo in pink, denim straps with matching denim shorts over light grey tights and pink trainers. She is holding a baby Panda cub, and a Panda key ring is clipped onto her shorts. 

Magic Object/ Job: 

Magic Object: Her Panda key ring helps protect ALL pandas, including panda cubs. 

NOTE: The book cover image is found on Amazon, as well as the other Animal Rescue Fairies books. 


  • Mae is most likely based on a Chinese because of the shape of her eyes (they are bigger than usual), her hairstyle, and because pandas live in China.


If you want to see the book preview of Mae, here it is:


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