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Maddie the Playtime Fairy




Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Princess Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Gold tiara with diamond
Symbol(s) Red diamonds

Maddie the Playtime Fairy (U.S. name: Maddie the Fun and Games Fairy) is the sixth fairy in the Princess Fairies series. 


Maddie has shoulder-length black plaited hair and brown skin. She wears a sparkly red, long sleeved top with a denim gilet (beige gilet on US cover) and matching shorts, black leggings and red pumps decorated with diamonds. She also has gold hoop earrings. Her wings are round-edged and blue tinted. 

Symbol: Red jewel-like diamonds. 

Magic Object/Job:

Job: Making sure people can play games properly and all games are fair. 

Magic Object: She has a golden tiara with a red diamond in the center. 


  • This is one of the stories where Rachel and Kirsty argue because of Jack Frost's magic.
  • Her Swedish name is Lova (pronounced ee-or-va). 
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