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Luna the Loom Band Fairy


Luna illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series One-offs
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Golden Loom
Symbol(s) Loom bands & hearts
Preceding Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy
Succeeding Frances the Royal Family Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 4 December 2014

Luna the Loom Band Fairy is the 6th fairy in the One-Offs series.


Luna has long brown hair pulled back by a loom band bow. She wears a pale pink cropped jumper, a long flowing pale yellow skirt, pink strappy high heels and loom band bracelets and a loom band anklet. Her wings are pointy and dark pink tinted. 

Symbol: Loom bands and pink hearts

Magic Object/Job:

Magical object: Golden Loom

Job: Helping everyone have lots of fun making things with loom bands.

Jack Frost's Poem

Loom-band art is all the rage, 

It's fun no matter what your age.

They say beginners must start small,

But that's no kind of fun at all! 

I'm thinking big! I will not wait.

Luna's loom will make me great.

Let humans' loom bands twang and snap. 

I'll weave while they get in a flap!


  • This book is based on the 2014 jewellery-making craze, Rainbow Loom (colourful, elastic bands which people weave and twist together to make bracelets and other objects).  
    • It is the first Rainbow Magic book to be based on a popular culture trend, with many others to follow.
  • The rainbow on her book is made of loom bands.
  • The original book cover was two shades of pink and Luna was black and white. The background colour was changed to blue when published. 
  • The poem at the start of the book shows a loom instead of Jack Frost's ice bolts.  
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