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A collage of all the Special Fairies announced in 2015


A collage of all the fairies announced in 2015

This is a list of all title fairies from the Rainbow Magic series, including both released and unreleased titles. There are currently 229 fairies published and 13 yet to come. Only official fairies are listed here. 

Rainbow Magic 2017

A collage of all the fairies announced as of 2016 2017 and 2018

Rainbow Fairies (1-7)

Weather Fairies (8-14)

Party Fairies (15-21)

Jewel Fairies (22-28)

Pet Keeper Fairies (29-35)

Fun Day Fairies (36-42)

Petal Fairies (43-49)

Dance Fairies (50-56)

Sporty Fairies (57-63)

Music Fairies (64-70)

Magical Animal Fairies (71-77)

Green Fairies (78-84)

Ocean Fairies (85-91)

Twilight Fairies (92-98)

Showtime Fairies (99-105)

Princess Fairies (106-112)

Pop Star Fairies (113-119)

Fashion Fairies (120-126)

Sweet Fairies (127-133)

Baby Animal Rescue Fairies (134-140)

Magical Crafts Fairies (141-147)

School Days Fairies (148-151)

Fairytale Fairies (152-155; +3 U.S. only)

Helping Fairies (156-159)

Storybook Fairies (160-163)

Friendship Fairies (164-167)

Baby Farm Animal Fairies (168-171)

Candy Land Fairies (172-175)

Funfair Fairies (176-179)

Endangered Animals Fairies (180-184)

Holiday Special Fairies and U.S Special Editions



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