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List of characters that appear throughout the series:

  • Kirsty Tate, best friend of Rachel Walker and the fairies
  • Rachel Walker, best friend or Kirsty Tate and the fairies
  • Jack Frost, enemy of the fairies
  • The goblins, Jack Frost's servants
  • Mr Tate, Kirsty Tate's father
  • Mrs Tate, Kirsty Tate's mother
  • Mrs Walker, Rachel Walker's mother
  • Mr Walker, Rachel Walker's father
  • The fairies, best friends of Rachel and Kirsty
  • King Oberon, King of the fairies
  • Queen Titania, Queen of the fairies

Various other characters appear one or two times in the books, such as:

  • Buttons, Rachel's pet dog
  • Pearl, Kirsty's kitten
  • Bertram, King Oberon's frog footman and friend of the girls
  • Pixies
  • Elves
  • Famous celebrities

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