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Lindsay the Luck Fairy
Lindsay the luck fairy
Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Special Edition
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Bowler hat, gold coin, shamrock
Symbol(s) Green sparkles & four leaf clovers
Location Toberton
Special Thanks Kristin Earhart
Publish date NAflag 1 February 2013
Series order

Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy


Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy

Rainbow Magic order

Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy


Sweet Fairies

Lindsay the Luck Fairy is the 5th fairy in the U.S Special Editions series.


Lindsay has shoulder-length, curly, red hair. She wears a long-sleeved white-and-green-striped dress over black leggings with white polka-dots. The dress has a tiny green bow on the top-right-side of the dress. She also wears golden flats. Her wings are pointy and tipped green.

Symbol: Green sparkles and green four-leaf clovers.

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects: 

  1. The Bowler hat: ensures that sports and games are fair.
  2. The Gold coin: helps the luck of events go as planned.
  3. The Four Leaf Clover (or shamrock): affects the luck of finding and losing items.

Job: Looking after St. Patrick's Day and making sure it is lucky.

Jack Frost's Poem

Around the fairies, my magic cowers,

I seem weak against their powers.

When I battle them I sometimes get stuck,

But I'm just a guy with lots of bad luck.

The goblins are about to change my way,

They bring an end to my unlucky days.

They'll steal a coin, a shamrock, a hat,

Then I'll be lucky - imagine that!

With Lindsay the Luck Fairy's lucky pieces,

My magic power only increases.

My chilling spells will be so strong,

I'll take over Fairyland before too long!


  • She is the first U.S only fairy who hasn't got a UK equivalent.
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