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Leamouth is a seaside fishing village on the coast where Kirsty's grandmother lives.


Grans house

Kirsty's gran's house

It consists of a harbour where cruise liners and other boats can dock. By the dock, there is Leamouth Pier where there is a cafe and an arcade. Kirsty's gran lives in one of the cottages on the cliff by the beach and a park further down. There is a seaside resort further up the beach called Lea-On-Sea. There is an Ocean World Sea Life Centre.

Stories set in Leamouth 

Shannon the Ocean Fairy


Leamouth in Shannon's book

This was when the girls first went to Leamouth. On the beach, they were invited to a beach luau where they met and eventually agreed to help Shannon.

Ocean Fairies

The girls returned to Leamouth for the spring holidays. Like before but on the beach at Lea-On-Sea, they were invited to the Fairyland Ocean Gala where they met all the Ocean fairies and their special sea animals.