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Kylie the Carnival Fairy




Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday Special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Magic hats
Symbol(s) Coloured circle shaped windmills
Preceding Stella the Star Fairy
Succeeding Paige the Pantomime Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami
Publish date UKflag 4 May 2006
NAflag 1 June 2008

Kylie the Carnival Fairy is the 4th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Kylie has brown skin with long brown hair twined with rainbow ribbons. She wears a yellow vest top with a rainbow striped skirt, red ballet pumps with rainbow ribbons tied round her legs and rainbow coloured sweat bands on her wrists. Her wings are pointed and pale orange tinted.

Symbol: Coloured circle shaped windmills. 

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects: Three magical hats 

  1. Carnival Master's hat: Makes sure the rides work smoothly.
  2. Band Leader's hat: Makes sure that all the music sounds perfect.
  3. Carnival Crown: Ensures that the carnival ends happily and can move onto the next town. 

Job: Kylie's job is to ensure that every carnival in every town goes smoothly and that everybody enjoys it.

Jack Frost's Poem:

Fairy magic means carnival fun

While the hats are where they belong

By my icy spells will cause a stir

Where those hats are no longer where they were

Band leader's hat and Carnival Crown

Both will go missing when I come to town

But I'll start with the Carnival Master's hat

And send my goblin servants to capture that!


  • Kylie's outfit showcases all the joy and fun of the carnival.
  • Her book has been converted into an Early Reader
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