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Jilly Chilly
Jilly Chilly
Race unknown
Gender ♀ Female
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) wand

Jilly Chilly is Jack Frost's younger sister, who was created with the help of a magic spell in Frances the Royal Family Fairy's book. At the end, she annoyed Jack so much, he decided to banish her from the castle. 


Jilly is described as having the same mean smile as her older brother. She appears to wear makeup and her icicle hair is wavier than her brother's stiff upright hair. She wears a spiky dress and cloak with matching shoes.


Not much is known at the moment, other than Jilly has the same hatred towards fairies and is quite close to her brother, saying that no one was better than him. She was thoroughly disliked by the goblins.


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