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Jewel Fairies
Series 4th
Number 22-28
Preceding Party Fairies
Succeeding Pet Keeper Fairies
Logo Sophie the Sapphire Fairy
Location Tippington Town
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami (India, Emily, Amy)
Sue Mongredien (Scarlett, Lucy)
Linda Chapman (Chloe, Sophie)
Publish date UKflag 8 September 2005
Jaflag 2007
Italy flag 2007
NAflag 1 July 2007 -
1 January 2008
Sweflag 16 April 2008
Gerflag January 2009 -
Jaunary 2010
FreAflag 2009
Freflag 20 May 2009 -
17 September 2009
Slovflag 15 January 2010 -
13 July 2010
Turflag 24 July 2012

The Jewel Fairies are the 4th series and represent the aspects of fairy magic, and are responsible for making sure types of fairy magic are working. The fairies' magic won't work without the fairies' jewels.

There are seven Jewel Fairies and they are: India the Moonstone Fairy, Scarlett the Garnet Fairy, Emily the Emerald Fairy, Chloe the Topaz Fairy, Amy the Amethyst Fairy, Sophie the Sapphire Fairy and Lucy the Diamond Fairy.


While Kirsty is staying with Rachel for the half-term holiday, they get transported to Fairyland, where they learn that Jack Frost has stolen the Jewel Fairies' seven magical gemstones. Jack Frost hurls the jewels into the human world after the heat and light begin to melt his ice castle. It's up to the fairies, along with Kirsty and Rachel, to outwit the goblins guarding the jewels and bring them back safely to Queen Titania's crown, before all the fairies of Fairyland lose their magic powers forever. 

Jack Frost's Poem

By frosty magic I cast away,

These seven jewels with their fiery rays,

So their magic powers will not be felt,

And my icy castle shall not melt.

The fairies may search high and low

To find the gems and take them home,

But I will send my goblin guards,

To make the fairies mission hard.

The Fairies

India the Moonstone Fairy


India met the girls in Fairyland. She has long brown hair with a pink flower and wears a white dress with the same flower and matching sandals. Without her magic, sweet dreams will turn into sour nightmares.

Scarlett the Garnet Fairy


Scarlett flew down to the girls, riding on a leaf. She has curly brown hair and wears a pretty red dress with matching ballet pumps. Without her magic, fairies will have trouble growing and shrinking things.

Emily the Emerald Fairy


Emily was inside a toy train when the girls saw her. She has long red hair and wears an emerald green dress with matching ballet shoes. Without her magic, fairies won't be able to perform future-seeing properly.

Chloe the Topaz Fairy


Chloe met the girls when she fluttered out of a treasure chest whilst they were shopping for Halloween outfits. She has wavy black hair and dark skin and wears an orange wrap-around top with a ruffled skirt. Without her magic, changing magic will go wrong.

Amy the Amethyst Fairy


Amy appeared to the girls when she rescued Rachel's hair ribbon from a tree branch. She has brown curly hair and wears a lilac smock with purple trousers and matching lilac shoes. Without her magic, fairies will have trouble with appearing and disappearing magic.

Sophie the Sapphire Fairy


Sophie was in the opening of a postbox when the girls were looking for her. She has dark skin and a black ponytail and wears a blue top and matching short skirt. Without her magic, wishes won't come true.

Lucy the Diamond Fairy


Rachel and Kirsty met Lucy again when they returned to Fairyland. She has short blonde hair and wears a shirt decorated with diamond shapes and a matching skirt and boots. Without her magic, fairies will lose their flying ability. 


  • Some French publications came with a piece of jewellery.
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