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Jacob Bright and Holly Day
Gender male and female

Jacob Bright is a rising popstar who is friends with The Angels. He helped run the Talent of Tomorrow Show and sang with Holly in the talent show. Jacob appears in Rochelle the Star Spotter Fairy, Una the Concert Fairy and is mentioned in Daisy the Festival Fairy

Holly Day was discovered when Rachel and Kirsty were packing up from their shower room. When Rochelle's magic clef was found, she entered the show and sang with Jacob Bright.



Jacob practising in the wings

Jacob has messy blonde hair and wears a waistcoat with a shirt with rolled up sleeves and trousers. He is described as "handsome".

He hasn't had a line of dialogue yet. He is a friend of The Angels and was also affected by the missing magic of Rochelle's clef. The book says he's a young rising star.



Holly meeting Rachel and Kirsty

Holly is young and has dark curly hair and is very slim.

Holly was singing Key to my Heart by The Angels and Rachel and Kirsty heard her. When they asked if she was entering the talent contest, she declined the offer because she didn't like singing in front of audiences.

Jacob's Singles

Jacob has a single called Sing It. He sang it with Holly in the talent show.

-Sing it loud, sing it proud,

-Sing for everyone to hear.

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