Jack Frost Appearances
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Jack Frost


Jack frost

Gender ♂ Male
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) His wand

Jack Frost is the main antagonist of the Rainbow Magic series, along with his goblins, being the main driving force behind the plot of every story released to date.


Jimmy is on the left and Jack is on the right


Jack Frost has blue skin with icy blue eyes. He usually wears a long cloak and a dress with a jagged edge with matching boots. His beard and hair is frozen into white icicles. Throughout the later series, his outfits can change, for example, into a t-shirt and shorts for a disguise as a human or a blazer and cap for a pop star.

In the movie, he has spiky blue hair.


Jack Frost is ruthless and greedy. He is the King of the Goblins and he always orders them to do things for him. However, said goblins are often clumsy and fail their job, meaning Jack has to go out and do things himself. He wants to rule over the whole of Fairyland, hating the fairies and wanting to steal their magical objects. He never does, because Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker save the day and help the fairies out to retrieve the magical objects. However, under his mean and ruthless desires, he is a wimp and gets scared easily. Sometimes, the girls use his greed to their advantage as when his intended use for the magic objects doesn't work, he gives them back to the fairies so it does work.

When in books like special editions, he steals three magical objects. In regular books he steals seven or four objects, one from each fairy. There is always a reason behind him stealing said objects. Sometimes, the reasons are really selfish and stupid. He also ends up having a problem and a reason why he stole them.

Powers and Abilities

Jack Frost's presence makes the area around him cold. He can teleport himself and others with his wand, cast banishment spells, and make the goblins taller and hide their green skin. His most often-used power is the ability to freeze others, covering them in ice. He can also ride on ice bolts.


  • Jack - nickname
  • Frosty - stage name in his band
  • Jax Tempo - rapper stage name
  • Mr Frost - name for human use
  • Frostyev - ballet dancing stage name
  • Master of the Goblins and ruler of all icy kingdoms - coronation title
  • Ice Lord/King of the Goblins - how the book describes him
  • Frostman - superhero name



Jack Frost as he appears in Return to Rainspell Island

  • He is the leader of Frosty and his Gobilicious Band.
  • His birthday is the same day as Mrs Walker's.
  • Jack usually appears at the beginning and end of a series.
  • He had a clothing brand, Ice Blue.
  • Using Lila and Myla the Twins Fairies' pendants he cloned himself, creating Jimmy Thaw.
  • In the movie Rainbow Magic Return to Rainspell Island, he is voiced by David Holt.
  • With the power of the Pop Star Fairies' clefs, he was a great rapper and guitarist. Coincidently, in the movie, he has a rap song.
  • Jack is over 500 years old but took the Party Fairies items because no one remembered his birthday.
  • Jack used to be prone to melting in contact with the sun, however, this hasn't been applied in the later series for a while.
  • He had a younger sister, Jilly Chilly, who appears in Frances the Royal Family Fairy and Susie the Sister Fairy.
  • He has a pet snow goose from Penny's story who had a baby called Snowdrop in Alexandra.
    Jilly Chilly

    Jilly Chilly

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