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Holiday Special Fairies
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The Holiday Special Fairies are a long-running series within the Rainbow Magic franchise, and represent the aspects of different holiday events, jobs and aspects of the world. They are responsible for making sure their assigned feature is safe from danger and problems happening. They are usually given helpers who are fairies in the series and they are also friends with fairies who are similar to them.


Kirsty and Rachel are usually at an event or on holiday when they meet the fairies. Each fairy has three items which must be returned. The three items help with the fairies' job.

The Fairies

Holly the Christmas Fairy


Holly met Kirsty and Rachel in Fairyland. She has brown hair in a ponytail and wears a fur-edged red dress and matching red boots. Without her magic, Christmas won't go well.

Summer the Holiday Fairy


(aka Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy)
Summer was found on the boat to Rainspell Island, feeling very seasick! She has blonde hair in a pigtail, she wears an orange-purple gradient crop top with a matching sarong. She has a magic beach bag. Without her magic, good aspects of summer holidays will be gone, for example, yummy ice cream and good weather,

Stella the Star Fairy


Stella met Kirsty and Rachel when she caught their attention by illuminating a broken light. She has curly blonde hair with a green feather boa, matching boots and a red dress. Without her magic, Christmas lights will be broken, for example, tree lights, street lights and the stars in the sky.

Kylie the Carnival Fairy

Kylie carnival

Kylie burst out of a party popper when the girls were at a carnival. She has long wavy brown hair with colourful highlights. She wears a yellow crop top with a skirt of many colours. Without her magic, carnivals won't be any fun.

Paige the Pantomime Fairy


(aka Paige the Christmas Play Fairy)
Kirsty and Rachel were at Rachel's pantomime rehearsal when they met Paige in their dressing room. She has long brown and and she wears a dark pink cardigan and a light pink ballet dress. Without her magic, the pantomimes won't be at their best.

Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy


(aka Flora the Dress-up Fairy)
Flora met the girls when they sent themselves to Fairyland after seeing icy trouble. Flora has curly green-blue hair and is dressed as a mermaid. Without her magic, fancy dress parties will go wrong, for example, Robert and Lindsay's party.

Chrissie the Wish Fairy


Chrissie floated down on a snowflake when the girls first met her. She has long curly blonde hair and wears a red and white furry dress. Without her magic, all Christmas wishes in every form won't come true.

Shannon the Ocean Fairy


Shannon invited the girls to the Fairyland Luau. She has long wavy carrot-orange hair and wears a sea-green shirt and a pink skirt with matching anklets. Without her magic, the ocean will be acting strangely.

Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy


Gabriella appeared after bursting out of the rock-solid snowball Kirsty threw at Rachel. She has a short brown bob and wears a warm purple coat with red leggings and blue fur-rimmed boots. Without her magic, snow won't be any fun for anybody.

Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy


Mia appeared to the girls in a form of a statue decoration. She has blonde hair tied up and wears a beautiful pink bridesmaid dress and high heels. Without her magic, things won't go well for bridesmaids, for example, Esther's wedding.

Trixie the Halloween Fairy


When the girls met Trixie, they were buying new Halloween costumes. Trixie has short orange hair and wears an orange dress with stripy orange and black tights. Without her magic, all aspects of Halloween won't be fun anymore, but scary.

Destiny the Pop Star Fairy


(aka Destiny the Rock Star Fairy)
When the girls were in the city for a competition, Destiny was on top of their hotel tree. She has long brown wavy hair and wears a red dress. Without her magic, things for pop stars, such as The Angels, will go terrible.

Juliet the Valentine Fairy


Juliet was hiding in a jar of glitter when the girls found her. She has brown hair held back by a headband, wears a jumper and a skirt with hearts on the bottom. Without her magic, couples and friends everywhere will fall out, for example, temporarily Mr Tate and Mrs Tate and Rachel and Kirsty.

Belle the Birthday Fairy


The girls found Belle sitting inside a flower in the park. She has brown-blonde hair fixed with a flower and wears a purple party dress with golden ballet pumps. Without her magic, birthday parties won't go smoothly, for example, Mrs Walker's birthday party.

Cheryl the Christmas Tree Fairy


The girls met Cheryl when they were whisked to Fairyland by Holly the Christmas Fairy. She has long wavy brown hair and wears a green fur-trimmed bolero with a red fur-trimmed dress and matching boots. Without her magic, everything associated with Christmas trees will not work out well.

Florence the Friendship Fairy


The girls met Florence after she popped out of their memory photo album. She has short wavy blonde hair, wears a blue jacket with a red top, stylish pink boots and a waist-high blue ruffled skirt. Without her magic, friends will fall out and they won't be able to cooperate with each other.

Emma the Easter Fairy

Emma easter

After a chocolate incident, the girls watched a flower open, revealing Emma in the middle. She has a black Afro and wears a floaty yellow dress and pink wellies. Without her magic, all aspects of Easter won't go well, for example, the chocolate and egg hunts.

Selena the Sleepover Fairy


The girls met Selena at a service station on the way to a sleepover in a museum. She has black hair and wears a purple jacket over a pink and white pyjama playsuit. Without her magic, all aspects of sleepovers will not go very well, for example, the midnight feasts and games.

Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy


The Christmas fairies led Rachel and Kirsty to Natalie after they found troublesome goblins in their holiday cottage. She has thick golden hair and wears a fluffy bolero with a golden net dress. Without her magic, activities associated with Christmas won't be good, for example, making mince pies and hanging up stockings.

Keira the Film Star Fairy


(aka Keira the Movie Star Fairy)
The girls met Keira on set of the Starlight Chronicles Movie. She has short black hair and wears a long red dress with golden sparkles. Without her magic, production of movies will go terribly, for example: Julianna Stewart forgetting her lines and Chad Stenning forgetting his cue.

Olympia the Games Fairy


When they went to Melford to watch a triathlon, the girls met Olympia. She wears a sporty purple-yellow jumpsuit with matching trainers and a yellow jacket. Her golden hair is plaited and tied up. Without her magic, sporting events everywhere will be in chaos.

Tamara the Tooth Fairy


(aka Brianna the Tooth Fairy)
After Tamara failed to collect Kirsty's tooth, the girls agreed to help her rescue her objects. She wears a dotty pink shirt and a silver layered ruffled skirt with tights and boots. Without her magic, she won't be able to collect children's teeth.

Angelica the Angel Fairy


Angelica was found sitting sadly on a bridge in Fairyland after her objects went missing. She has dark auburn hair and wears a floaty white dress. Without her magic, the kindly Christmas spirit will go missing and people will be mean and sour.

Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy


(aka Bailey the Babysitter Fairy)
The girls met Jennifer whilst babysitting for Mr and Mrs Robinson's twins, Tom and Lily. She has cropped blonde hair and wears a yellow jumper over a red shirt with a denim shorts and leggings. Without her magic, everything will go wrong for babysitters.

Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy

Nicki Cover

Nicki appeared after some strange footprints were found at the girls' holiday camp. She has light brown hair in two bunches. She wears a yellow-pink shirt and denim cut-offs with trainers. Without her magic, fun activities at holiday camp will be terrible and the weather will also be bad.

Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy


(aka Carly the School Fairy)
Carly met the girls when they were reunited at an inter school competition. She has a black bob with glasses, and wears a white blouse under a dark red pinafore with matching shoes. Without her magic, activities at school won't go smoothly.

Robyn the Christmas Party Fairy


Robyn flew out of a Christmas cracker the girls were pulling when they met her. She has brown feathered hair and wears a raspberry-colour dress. Without her magic, preparations for Christmas parties will go terribly.

Lila and Myla the Twins Fairies

Lila and Myla

Rachel and Kirsty were at Rachel's friends, Jessy and Amy's birthday parties when they met Lila and Myla. They both have cropped black hair with different coloured highlights and wear pink jackets and shirts with beige shorts and boots. Without their magic, twins everywhere will be compared, fall out and not get along.

Tilly the Teacher Fairy


The girls were walking to school together when they met Tilly. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and wears a pink jacket with a turquoise shirt and purple trousers. Without her magic, teachers will not be able to control the class.

Giselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy

Giselle original

Giselle met the girls when they were visiting Castle Springs Ballet School. She has chestnut hair tied in a bun and wears a silver tutu. Without her magic, ballerinas won't be able to dance properly.

Heidi the Vet Fairy

Heidi vet fairy

Heidi was riding a balloon when the met the girls. She has short blonde hair and wears a baby blue cardigan with pink trousers. Without her magic, vets won't be able to work properly, such as Kirsty's neighbour Lisa.

Daisy the Festival Fairy

Daisy festival

Daisy met the girls whilst they were riding down a helter skelter. She has blonde-brown hair and wears a coat over a stripy cropped shirt with flowery trousers and wellies. Without her magic, festivals won't be any fun, such as the Rainbow Days festival.

Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy


The girls met Catherine whilst waiting outside the city palace for Mrs Tate's friend, Bee. She wears a pillbox hat over her brown hair that is tied in a bun. Her flowing green chiffon dress gives out emerald green sparkles. Without her magic, princesses are in danger of not being dressed and presented nicely such as Princess Edie and her stylist Bee.

Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy


(aka Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy)
Alyssa met the girls as she floated down riding a snowflake. She has long straight blonde hair and wears a long rich blue dress and a matching fluffy cloak. Without her magic, winter will be miserable and people won't notice the beauty of it.

Becky the Best Friend Fairy

RM Becky the Best Friend Fairy

Rachel and Kirsty met Becky as she floated down a sunbeam by the beach. She has blonde hair and wears a dark pink shirt with dark blue leggings and boots. Without her magic, best friends won't be able to get along and they will forget everything about each other.

Melissa the Sports Fairy


Melissa was hiding on top of a taxi and appeared in the girls' bedroom when they went to Rainspell Island. She has dark hair in a pigtail and wears a green-blue shirt with matching trousers. Without her magic, sports won't go smoothly.

Fizz the Fireworks Fairy


(aka Skyler the Fireworks Fairy)
The girls met Fizz in Kirsty's grandparent's garden. She has long dark brown hair and wears a blue jacket with a stripy minidress over red leggings. Without her magic, fireworks won't be nice to watch and they'll be dangerous.

Elsa the Mistletoe Fairy

Elsa appeared before the girls from a mistletoe at a Christmas market. She has blonde hair and wears a white dress with mistletoe and silver slippers. Without her magic, Christmas will be spoiled.

Susie the Sister Fairy


Susie flew out of a trumpet that the girls took off the wall. She has blonde hair in a side plait and a grey fedora. She wears a pink trench coat over a top, skirt and tights. Without her magic, sisters won't get on.

Sianne the Butterfly Fairy

Sianne,butterfly fairy
The girls met Sianne when they saw her in the Wetherbury Butterfly Centre. Sianne has blonde hair and wears a green dress with sandals. Without her magic, she can't protect butterflies. 

Samira the Superhero Fairy

The girls summoned Samira when they saw a cat in trouble. Samira has black plaited hair. She wears purple tights with a purple top and boots. Without her magic, superheroes won't be brave and can't save the day. 

Christina the Winter Wonderland Fairy


(aka Michelle the Winter Wonderland Fairy)
The girls met Christina when she flew out of a hot air vent in their holiday cottage. She has curly black hair and wears a wooly blue hat. She also wears a red coat over leggings and matching boots. Without Christina's magic, the magic of winter at Christmas time will go wrong. 

Maria the Mother's Day Fairy


Maria was sitting inside a daffodil when the girls saw it glowing. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and wears a white playsuit under a floral cardigan. Without her magic, mothers and their children won't get along.

Ellen the Explorer Fairy


Ellen appeared from inside a cup on the Jungle Express. She has brown plaited hair. She wears a checkered shirt with leggings and boots. Without her magic, things to do with explorers such as Aunt Willow will go wrong.

Cara the Coding Fairy

Cara coding

When she first met Rachel and Kirsty, Cara slid out of a vending machine slot at the Funcode Convention. She has brown hair and wears glasses, red jacket, a white shirt and spotty trousers. Without her magic, things associated with coding and technology will go wrong.

Evelyn the Mermicorn Fairy


Evelyn met the girls in Rachel's sitting room. She has plaited brown hair and wears a denim jacket with a long shimmering blue skirt. Without her magic, people will not be confident.

Sasha the Slime Fairy


Sasha has red hair and wears a shirt with shorts and sandals. Without her magic, things to do with slime will go horribly wrong.

Ivy the Worry Fairy

Ivy the worry fairy

Ivy has long blonde hair and wears a fluffy pink jacket over denim dungarees. Without her magic, people can end up worrying and panic about everything.

Camilla the Christmas Present Fairy


Without her magic, Christmas presents around the world will be affected.

Hazel the Librarian Fairy

Without her magic, librarians everywhere will have trouble.

Padma the Pirate Fairy


Padma has brown wavy hair and wears a green cardigan over a shirt and leggings. Without her magic, things will go wrong for pirates.

Kat the Jungle Fairy

Kat, jungle fairy

Kat has black hair and wears a grass skirt with a leopard print shirt. Without her magic, things will go wrong in jungles around the world.



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