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Groove Gang
Race Human
Gender Mixed

Groove Gang are a teen pop group and The Angels' friends. The members are: Priya, Rick, Blake, Yvette and Lila. They all are teenagers and each have a signature colour. They appear in Miley the Stylist Fairy and are mentioned in Daisy the Festival Fairy.


Groove Gang with The Angels at the Harbour Cafe


Top row from left: Lila, Yvette, Priya Bottom row from left: Blake, Rick



Priya has tousled blonde hair. At the concert, she wore a pink hoodie with shorts and high heels. Her signature colour is pink.


Rick has light brown hair brushed to the side. At the concert, he wore a shirt and dark red trousers with trainers. His signature colour is red.


Blake has curly brown hair. At the concert, he wore a t-shirt and baggy trousers. His signature colour is blue.


Yvette has curly brown hair tied up in an up-do with two strands falling out. At the concert, she wore a hoodie with shorts and high heels. Her signature colour is yellow.


Lila has short flicked black hair and dark skin. At the concert, she wore a lilac hoodie with a miniskirt and boots. Her signature colour is lilac.


  • Priya's name in the U.S version is Paige.
  • They are called The Groove Gang in the U.S version.
  • Because all members' names are alliterations with their colour, Yvette's name may be pronounced with the 'y' sound, making her name an alliteration with yellow.
  • Their stylist is Suzy Sparkle, a young blonde woman.


  • Groove Gang could possible be based on one of the S Clubs.
  • Groove Gang might even be based on High School Musical.


Groove Gang have a song called A Style of Your Own. These are quotes from their song.

"Your style will last forever."

"Remember, you have to be true to yourself and don't follow the crowd."


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