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Friendship Fairies
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Series 26th
Number 164-167*
Preceding Storybook Fairies
Succeeding Baby Farm Animal Fairies
Logo none
Location Rainspell Island
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 8 September 2016
NAflag 27 June 2017

The Friendship Fairies are the 26th group of fairies, representing different aspects of friendship. Without their magic charms, friendships will be faulty, such as being unkind and not sharing.

There are four Friendship fairies and they are: Esther the Kindness Fairy, Mary the Sharing Fairy, Mimi the Laughter Fairy and Clare the Caring Fairy. They are Florence the Friendship Fairy's helpers.


Kirsty and Rachel are staying on Rainspell Island and they join the Summer Friends Club. They meet the Friendship Fairies, who have had their magic charms stolen by Jack Frost. The girls' must find them and prevent friendships from falling apart. 


The Friendship Fairies like big smiles.

They want to spread good cheer for miles.

Those pests want people to connect,

And treat each other with respect.

I don't agree! I just don't care!

I want them all to feel despair.

And when their charms belong to me,

Each friend will be an enemy!

The Fairies

Esther the Kindness Fairy


The girls met Florence the Friendship Fairy and the Friendship Fairies when they took them to Fairyland. Esther has brown hair in a ponytail and wears a pink top and matching skirt with a flower pattern. Without her magic brooch, friends will be unkind to each other. 

Mary the Sharing Fairy

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The girls met Mary at the Summer Friends Club when trouble started rising. Mary has shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a pink t-shirt, jeans and sandals. Without her yin and yang charm, friends will struggle to not share nicely. 

Mimi the Laughter Fairy


The girls saw Mimi again when she whisked them to Fairyland. Mimi has dark brown hair piled in a bun. She wears a denim dress over tights and silver shoes. Without her magic smiley face pendant, friends will have issues with laughter. 

Clare the Caring Fairy


The girls met Clare when the Friendship Club BBQ party started going wrong. Clare has red hair. She wears a denim jacket over a playsuit. Without her magical mood ring, friends will care less. 


  • This is the first series to have the new layout. 
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