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Frances the Royal Family Fairy


Frances illustration


Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series One-offs
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Rubber duck
Symbol(s) Baby bottles & baby boots
Preceding Luna the Loom Band Fairy
Succeeding Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 5 March 2015

Frances the Royal Family Fairy is the 7th fairy in the One-Offs series.


Frances has long, chocolate-brown hair held back by a silver tiara. She wears a dark blue silky dress with black high heels and a silver necklace. Her wings are round-pointed and lilac tinted.

Symbol: Baby bottles and baby boots.

Magical objects/ Job:

Magical Object: Rubber duck

Job: Ensuring royal families get along well and no feuds.

Jack Frost's Poem:

Royal babies make me snore,

I've never been so bored before.

Their family's too dull to mention

It's time that I got some attention!

I'll make a sibling presently

Who'll be as bold and bad as me,

And think I'm handsome, brave and clever.

I'll be the coolest brother ever!


  • Her dress is based on one worn by Kate Middleton.
  • Frances' name could be based on Princess Diana's second name, Frances.
  • She is the second fairy to be based on Kate Middleton's appearance, the first being Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy.
  • Her book will be converted into a Early Reader book.
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