To Fandom Users,

Hello and welcome to the Rainbow Magic Wiki. This is an open letter addressed to everyone around the world who hasn't created an account yet. Not that it's a bad thing. It's very nice to get visitors to the wiki, however, it's not very nice when the visitors mess up pages and spam comments.

I don't mean to be pre-judgemental or anything towards fandom users, but usually, it is the fandom users who make useless edits to pages and post TONS of irrelevant comments at a time. Signed-in users usually have more experience with wiki contributing so they know how to edit properly.

I understand that Rainbow Magic fans are mostly young children (4-7 years) which could mean they are inexperienced with using the Internet, let alone people on the Internet (however, I doubt it because Internet is readily available nowadays than back then). They may get over excited on the wiki and end up posting 17 comments in 5 minutes.

Please read the following tips on posting comments and editing:


  • Only edit a page when:
    • You see a spelling or grammar mistake
    • You see missing information
  • Do not write nonsense on pages. 
  • Do not write anything that can't be backed up with proof (eg. Fairies' friends)


  • You may comment about:
    • The subject of the page
    • Your feelings and opinions about the subject of the page
  • It would be best not to comment about:
    • Linking fairies to other franchises and TV shows
    • How 'hot' a fairy is. I mean, it's a children's series. Fairies aren't supposed to be hot.
    • Creepy fantasies about the fairy
  • Do not comment with:
    • Insults towards the subject of the page
    • Insults towards other commenters (this includes name-calling)
    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or ahdhebrhsktbrifhendnd or any kind of comment where you hold down a key for ten seconds
    • Bad words

I'm LexsJB and I'm one of the admins at the wiki, along with CoolStar1998 and Amathist1998. Personally, I've had it up to HERE with fandom users. I'm on the verge of making every page so that you can't edit without being signed in. This is so sad to admit but I check up on the wiki every day. I hope I'm not the only one but when I see a new contribution, I'm obliged to see what the new change is. And if someone's gone through every page of the wiki with useless edits and comments, I'm obliged to delete every single one. And seriously, it wouldn't be a nice feeling to have spent an hour of your day waltzing into editing lots of pages of the wiki and then come back the next day seeing all your hard work gone.

If you've bothered to read this, please keep the tips in mind for a nicer experience on the wiki. And make sure your edits and comments are worthwhile so they don't disappear the next time you come onto the wiki. Thank you.

LexsJBTalk 22:24, February 12, 2017 (UTC)

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