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Evie the Mist Fairy






Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Weather Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) A purple mist feather
Symbol(s) Swirly silvery mist


Profile from Rainbow Magic Official Website

Evie the Mist Fairy is the fifth fairy in the Weather Fairies series.

Fairy Profile from the Official RM Facebook Page:

Evie can make the early morning mist as thick as pea soup. Her sparkly, silver-tipped wand shoots out sparks of silver and violet to create wisps of shimmering mist.

Evie loves a mystery. She likes to read detective novels, and fancies herself as Fairyland's version of Sherlock Holmes.


Evie has long, dark brown hair, held back by a purple headband. She wears a purple dress with bedraggled sleeves with matching knee-length boots and a mist-shaped pendant. Her wings are round and purple tinted.

Symbol: Swirly silvery mist

Magical object/ Job

Job: Controlling the mist 

Magic Object: The Mist Feather


  • Evie's mist feather creates sparkly wisps of mist that make things look very pretty!
  • Fairy children love to play in Evie's mist.
  • Goblins are scared of mist because they think pogwurzles will sneak up behind them!
  • Her German name is 'Nellie Nebelschleier', which translates to 'Nellie Fog Veil'.
  • Her Swedish name is Disa (pronounced der-za).


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