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Endangered Animals Fairies
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Series 30th
Number 180-184
Preceding Funfair Fairies
Succeeding TBA
Logo None
Location TBA
Special Thanks TBA
Publish date UKflag 4 October 2018

The Endangered Animals Fairies are the 30th series and represents endangered species of wildlife, ensuring those animals are safe from harm. There are four Endangered Animals Fairies and they are: Etta the Elephant Fairy, Priya the Polar Bear Fairy, Chelsea the Chimpanzee Fairy and Selma the Snow Leopard Fairy.


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Jack Frost's Poem

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The Fairies

Etta the Elephant Fairy

Priya the Polar Bear Fairy

Chelsea the Chimpanzee Fairy

Selma the Snow Leopard Fairy


  • Soon after the publication of the Candy Land Fairies, they were revealed on Amazon.
  • They are one of the only group whose fairies' names are all alliterations of their jobs, the other being the Fun Day Fairies
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