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Emma the Easter Fairy




Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday Special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Three eggs & Easter bunny
Symbol(s) Easter eggs
Preceding Florence the Friendship Fairy
Succeeding Cara the Camp Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Tracey West
Publish date UKflag 3 March 2011
NAflag 1 January 2011

Emma the Easter Fairy is the 3rd fairy in the U.S Special Editions series and the 17th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.  


Emma has shoulder-length black curly hair held back by a yellow hairband decorated with pink flowers. She wears a pastel yellow dress with a pink sash, pink polka-dot boots, a pink bangle and a yellow chick pendant. Her wings are round and yellow tinted.

Symbol: Coloured Easter eggs. 

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects: Three magical eggs

  1. The egg painted with a chocolate bunny helps to make Easter chocolate extra yummy.
  2. The egg painted with a coloured Easter egg makes painted Easter eggs bright and beautiful, and stops the eggs going bad.
  3. The egg painted with an Easter basket gives the Easter Bunny the extra magical push to deliver all Easter baskets in one night.

Job: Ensuring that Easter is fun for everyone!

Jack Frost's Poem

Easter chocolate tastes so sweet

Coloured eggs are a pretty treat

And children smile on Easter Day

When the Easter Bunny comes their way. 

But I'll make chocolate melt away

There won't be any coloured eggs today

And nobody will think it's funny

When I kidnap the Easter Bunny!


  • Emma's pet chicken, Fluffy, lays three magic eggs every year!
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