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Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy



Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Golden sceptre
Symbol(s) Silver-blue diamonds
Preceding Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy
Succeeding Alexandra the Royal Baby Fairy
Location London
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami
Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 3 May 2012
12 July 2018 (Early Reader)

Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy is the 3rd fairy in the One-Offs series.


Elizabeth has shoulder-length wavy brown hair pinned back by an Orb-shaped hairclip. She wears a blue, white and red Union Jack patterned dress covered with tiny diamonds over dark blue leggings and blue high heels with gold hearts decorated at the toes. She also wears a bracelet and a necklace. Her wings are diamond-shaped and tan tinted.

Symbol: Silvery-blue diamonds. 

Magic Object/Job:

Magic Object: A golden sceptre with a large diamond on top.

Job: Elizabeth's job is to watch over all types of jubilee celebrations, including King Oberon and Queen Titania, Jack Frost's and Her Majesty's. 

Jack Frost's Poem

It's a time for celebration,

All across the goblin nation.

Because I've been king for years, you see

So now this is my jubilee!

Who will organise my special day?

My goblins are useless, but I'll find a way!

Elizabeth's magic will guarantee,

That I have a fabulous jubilee!



Elizabeth is named after Queen Elizabeth II. The book was written in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne.

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