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Discovery Fairies
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Series 31st
Number 185-188
Preceding Endangered Animals Fairies
Succeeding TBA
Logo None
Location TBA
Special Thanks TBA
Publish date UKflag 7 March 2019

The Discovery Fairies are the 31st series and represents the exciting jobs of the world. There are four Discovery Fairies and they are: Aisha the Astronaut Fairy, Orla the Inventor Fairy, Hazel the Detective Fairy, and Elsie the Engineer Fairy.


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Jack Frost's Poem

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The Fairies

Aisha the Astronaut Fairy

Without her magic, astronauts will lose their charm.

Orla the Inventor Fairy

Without her magic, inventors will get in a muddle.

Hazel the Detective Fairy

Without her magic, detectives will not know what to do.

Elsie the Engineer Fairy

Without her magic, engineers will lose their skills.


  • Hazel's name could be published as Dani, even though it is the same name as the Drum fairy but spelt differently. It is not clear yet.
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