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Dance Fairies
Series 8th
Number 50-56
Preceding Petal Fairies
Succeeding Sporty Fairies
Logo Jade the Disco Fairy
Location Wetherbury Village
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami (Bethany, Rebecca, Jessica, Imogen)
Sue Mongredien (Jade, Tasha, Saskia)
Publish date UKflag 6 September 2007
NAflag 1 May 2009
Sweflag 20 August 2009
FreAflag 2013

The Dance Fairies are the 8th series and represent the aspects of dance, and are responsible for making sure dances are performed properly without any problems. Dancers won't be able to dance without the fairies' magic.

There are seven Dance fairies and they are: Bethany the Ballet Fairy, Jade the Disco Fairy, Rebecca the Rock 'n' Roll Fairy, Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy, Jessica the Jazz Fairy, Saskia the Salsa Fairy and Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy.


Rachel and Kirsty are riding on a train to London, when Kirsty sees seven fairies stuck in a basket on the station platform. The fairies introduce themselves, before turning the girls into fairies and flying to Fairyland. The Dance Fairies explain to Rachel, Kirsty, and the King and Queen of Fairyland that Jack Frost has stolen their magical ribbons. Without them, dancing everywhere will be in chaos!

Jack Frost's poem

Hold tight to the ribbons, please.

You goblins now may feel a breeze.

I'm summoning a hurricane.

To take the ribbons away again.

But, goblins, you'll be swept up too,

For I have work for you to do.

Guard each ribbon carefully,

By using this new power to freeze.

The Fairies

Bethany the Ballet Fairy

Bethany ballet fairy

The girls met Bethany when they spotted the Dance Fairies stuck in a basket. She has brown hair in a bun and wears a pink ballet tutu with ballet shoes. Without her magic, ballet dancers won't be able to perform properly. 

Jade the Disco Fairy

Jade disco fairy

Jade popped out from behind a disco ball when the girls saw her. She has golden hair and wears a green vest top with swirly green trousers. Without her magic, disco dancers won't be able to perform properly.

Rebecca the Rock 'n' Roll Fairy

Rebecca rock 'n' roll fairy

The girls met Rebecca when they spotted her on the spinning vinyl record. She has brown hair in a ponytail and wears a pink scarf and a top with a big spotty skirt. Without her magic, rock 'n' roll dancers won't be able to perform properly.

Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy

Tasha tap dance fairy

Tasha lured the girls under a table when they heard her amazing tap dancing. She has black hair with red highlights and wears a black waistcoat, tights and tap shoes with a red skirt. Without her magic, tap dancers won't be able to perform properly. 

Jessica the Jazz Fairy

Jessica jazz fairy

Jessica was sitting on the rim of a glass when the girls met her. She has brown curly hair and wears a pink 20's style dress with a pink feather boa. Without her magic, jazz dancers won't be able to perform properly.

Saskia the Salsa Fairy

Saskia salsa fairy

(aka Serena the Salsa Fairy)

Saskia was inside a piñata when the girls met her again. She has wavy black hair tied up and wears a dark red shirt and a matching skirt with orange ruffles. Without her magic, salsa dancers won't be able to perform properly. 

Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy

Imogen ice dance fairy

(aka Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy)

Imogen was inside Kirsty's friend Jenny's ice skate. She has long blonde hair and wears a floaty blue dress. Without her magic, ice dancers won't be able to perform properly, including Kirsty's friend, Jenny.

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