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Dakota May
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female

Dakota May is a singer. She can get tired of fans, and tells Rachel and Kirsty that they mob her and that she just wants to chill out like a normal person, as she disguised herself as a teenage girl. She appears in Jessie the Lyrics Fairy, Frankie the Make-up Fairy and is mentioned in Daisy the Festival Fairy.

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Dakota in disguise, trying to hide from her fans


Dakota has a short black bob and at the concert, she wore a frilly layered dress and high heels with make-up. When she disguised herself, she wore a long blonde wig and big sunglasses.


Dakota has a single called The Faces of Me:

  • It might seem that I have different faces,
  • For different people and different places,
  • But in my heart I'm still me,
  • And that's who I'll always be!


  • She might be a teenager.
  • Her stage appearance resembles a 20s flapper.
  • At the end of Frankie the Make-up Fairy, Dakota dedicates her song to Rachel and Kirsty.


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